The 21st LSPR Theatre Festival


London School Of Public Relation


London School Of Public Relation
London School Of Public Relation


31 Jul 2018


18:30 - 19:30
The 21st LSPR Theatre Festival by 21-18A, Proudly presents “Beauty and the Lonely Beast”🎬
Mr. Merryweather is the father from 3 girls named Beauty, Agnes, and Sue.
Mr. Merryweather and his daughter who lives in luxury house was forced to move into a small cottage for losing his property
One day, Mr. Merryweather comes with a letter. He told beauty to read the letter and it was the information that his lost “Good Hope” ship has been found!!!
After found the “Good Hope”, are they going to get rich again??
📆 Tuesday, 31 July 2018
🕰 6.30 – 7.30 PM
📍Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium & Performance Hall, London School Of Public Relation – Jakarta, Campus B.
Grab your tickets as soon as possible at our official Line @zhx7755b (use @)
For more information :
Contact Person : Sierra / Line : Sierraep / 081317218015
Instagram :
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Chart of The Week

  1. Tempat Untuk Kembali Senjanada 01
  2. Enggan Tergenggam Reminis 02
  3. Erotika Goodnight Electric 03
  4. Panmau Hoz Hayate 04
  5. Rebellation Flowdown 05
  6. Misi Misi Minggir Ryuu 06
  7. Architect of My Own Ruins Getar 07
  8. Aku Bisa Apa Dandy Hendstyo 08
  9. The City (You're Missing From Me) Loner Lunar 09
  10. Kisah Anak Jaksel Nuelo 10
  11. Sandar Deruh 11
  12. Trick Or Treat North To East & Abbydzar 12
  13. Stay (feat. KIV) KRLY 13
  14. Kimi Wo Tebanashitemiru Niwakaraa 14
  15. Tersadar Hidden Colors 15
  16. Asa dan Ruang L.Y.O.N 16
  17. Mercenary Youth Resiko Meledak 17
  18. Cigarettes of Ours Ardhito Pramono 18
  19. Rencana Tuhan Sepatu Kotor 19
  20. Api HLMN 20
  21. Acting Rock 'n Roll Giinema 21
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New Releases

  1. Enggan Tergenggam Reminis 01
  2. Rebelation Flowdown 02

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